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Pizza Chili Crunch. Spice Up Your Slice!

Pizza Chili Crunch. Spice Up Your Slice!

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Ditch the Bland, Embrace the Pizzeria Paradise: Pizza Chili Crunch to the Rescue!

Tired of boring meals that leave your taste buds whimpering? Fear not, pizza lovers! Our crunchy, crispy, flavor-packed Pizza Chili Crunch is here to transform any dish into a pizzaiolo's masterpiece with a gentle kick of heat (3/10).

Close your eyes and inhale: that's the aroma of your favorite pizzeria bottled and unleashed! This umami-rich chile-garlic oil dances with a fiery blend of chiles, Italian herbs, and fennel seed, all punctuated by the satisfying crunch of fried onion and garlic bits. And don't forget the toasted sunflower seeds adding their nutty richness!

But this isn't just for pizza (though it's AMAZING there!). This versatile condiment is your secret weapon for flavor:

    • Pasta: From creamy Alfredo to spicy Arrabiata, add a burst of pizzeria magic.
    • Salads: Ditch the boring dressing and say hello to a fiesta in your bowl.
    • Vegetables: Roasted, grilled, or raw, these crunchy bits elevate any veggie side.
    • Steak, Pork, Chicken, Tofu: Give your proteins a pizzeria-worthy makeover.
    • Cheese: Sprinkle on your favorite cheeses for a flavor explosion.

And the best part? It's guilt-free goodness:

    • No GMO ingredients
    • Top 8 allergen free
    • Sugar-free
    • Gluten-free
    • Keto and Paleo-friendly
    • Plant-based

We source our high-quality ingredients with love, right here in the USA:

    • ☀️ USA-grown sunflower oil and seeds
    • California garlic
    • Washington and Idaho onions
    • New Mexico chiles

So ditch the bland and embrace the pizzaiolo within! Get your jar of Pizza Chili Crunch today and let the flavor fiesta begin!

P.S. Looking for a hotter adventure? Check out our HOT Pizza Chili Crunch!


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    Pizza Chili Crunch. Spice Up Your Slice!AO-TFC-PIZZA-CCR-1X6oz
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