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Evaluation of Eliovi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Based on K270, K232, and Delta K Values


Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a highly valued culinary ingredient and a source of various health benefits due to its rich content of polyphenols. These polyphenols possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may help protect against chronic diseases. To assess the quality of EVOO, certain parameters are measured, including K270, K232, and Delta K.

Assessment of Eliovi EVOO

Quality Grade



Delta K

High Quality

< 0.2

< 2.5

> 0.01

Good Quality

0.2 to 0.3

2.5 to 2.7

0.005 to 0.01

Acceptable Quality

0.3 to 0.4

2.7 to 2.9

0 to 0.005

Low Quality

> 0.4

> 2.9

< 0

Eliovi EVOO

≤ 0.25

≤ 2.60

≤ 0.01

As evidenced by the table, Eliovi EVOO falls within the High-Quality category based on its K270, K232, and Delta K values. This indicates that Eliovi EVOO is a high-quality olive oil that is likely to have several potential health benefits.

Detailed Analysis of Parameters

  • K270: Eliovi EVOO's K270 value of ≤ 0.25 falls within the High-Quality range, suggesting minimal oxidation and excellent freshness.
  • K232: Eliovi EVOO's K232 value of ≤ 2.60 falls within the High-Quality range, indicating minimal oxidation and good preservation of polyphenols.
  • Delta K: Eliovi EVOO's Delta K value of ≤ 0.01 falls within the High-Quality range, suggesting excellent oxidative stability and a high concentration of beneficial polyphenols.



Eliovi EVOO's outstanding performance in all three parameters, K270, K232, and Delta K, firmly establishes its position as a High-Quality extra virgin olive oil. Its minimal oxidation and high polyphenol content make it a valuable culinary ingredient and a source of potential health benefits.