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METAMORFOSIS LIFT EYE CREAM - Anti-wrinke Eye Cream | with lakesis

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Metamorfosis means "transformation", as this eye cream has proven to really lift and transform the eye area. This revolutionary, new product of the Golden Tears series (with Lakesis) has a unique action due to the balanced combination of its ingredients such as mastic oil, avocado, calendula, caffeine and natural extracts. It refreshes and gives radiance to the skin while taking care of the delicate eye area.

Caffeine shrinks blood vessels under the eyes, reducing both dark circles and puffiness, giving a lasting glow.
Avocado oil is also considered to be the ultimate natural beauty elixir, offering rich anti-aging action. It also helps eliminate wrinkles and gives the skin a youthful lasting glow, while relaxing and soothing puffy eyes.