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Puglia Frise with tomatoes and basil

The frisa or frisella is a kind of re-baked bread, so that it becomes crisp.

This is typical hot weather dish, but frise are so good and quick to prepare that you can eat them all year-round. The frisa is originally from Puglia, but it has become widespread especially in the south of Italy. We prefer the barley frise, but the wheat frise are also great. You need high quality everything for this. Make this properly and you’ll become addicted, especially when it is accompanied by a full-bodied, elegant white wine.

Ingredients for 4 people

Chop the tomatoes, break up the basil with your hands and put in a bowl with the extra virgin olive oil, oregano and salt and mix.

Immerse the frisa in room-temperature water for about 10 seconds. The idea is to make it soft on the inside and leave it crisp on the outside.  Put the salad dressing on top.

One variation is to add salt-preserved capers and chopped anchovies.

Serve and break up the pieces with your knife and fork and use your hands to pick up the pieces. Don’t forget that white wine!

Photo: salvapatagnia

Credits: melarosa uk

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